Monthly Archives: January 2008

Day 7 – Half way and still spiking

Ups and downs today. My install pack woes are still causing frustration. I fear my test server may have become possessed by some supernatural being. On an up note our superstar did a quick spike today to investigate if we could solve the problem of page caching with our home spun MVC architecture. Within an […]

Day 6 – Ditch the Debugger

Like a fool I missed the obvious. Most of my day and some of the teams was spent trying to get to the bottom of a “Item not found in Dictionary” error on my install test site. During development I would have just attached a debugger and quickly discovered that the item wasn’t in the […]

Day 5 – Ditch the Bug Log

The goal of this sprint is to cut a release. It contains a few features, Install Packs and some outstanding bugs. Its the bugs I fear most. Things are starting to get tense as we realise things aren’t as complete as they should be. People slip into old habits when the pressure gets up and […]

Day 4 – The Surgeon

From Perez on Medicine Yesterdays burn down was more of a green run than black with a few hiccups but we are still on track. After yesterdays team love-fest I thought I’d tell you a bit more about our team and what I think makes it special. 6 months ago I left our company and […]

Day 3 – Courage and Humility

Looks like I didn’t give the team enough credit. There were no issues about testing at this mornings Scrum . Everybody agreed and we knocked 60 points off the outstanding points. The burn down is starting to look like a black run. It is generally accepted that agile requires great developers but it takes more […]

Day 2 – Up the critical path

Yesterday went well with lots of progress however the team found allocating the tasks a bit tougher this morning. I only stepped in when the Product Owner uttered those dreaded words “He’s on the Critical Path”. How can this be? This is supposed to be Scrum. It seems we had all made an assumption that […]

Day 1 – Points mean prizes

First things first we forgot to prioritise the stories yesterday, at the time it didn’t matter as the whole backlog fitted nicely into a 3 week sprint (Current velocity is 25 points per person per week), but it is important today as we decide which tasks to take on first. A quick text to the […]

Day 0 Review and Planning

Yesterday was sprint review and planning day. We had already demonstrated the previous sprint to the business so we really just needed to do a team review. We decided to move our daily scrum to a fixed time (9:30) rather than the more spontaneous “Right lets have a scrum” when everyone seems ready. Despite going […]