Day 0 Review and Planning

Yesterday was sprint review and planning day. We had already demonstrated the previous sprint to the business so we really just needed to do a team review. We decided to move our daily scrum to a fixed time (9:30) rather than the more spontaneous “Right lets have a scrum” when everyone seems ready. Despite going against scrum protocol I rather liked the spontaneous approach. (I have been accused of being too laid back!) Spotting the best time for a scrum gets tougher as the team grows (and aren’t always in the same office) and I concede we now have to actually plan a meeting time which to me feels a bit process driven rather than empirical (how can you predict the best time for a meeting in a chaotic process?) But Hey it’s a detail!

The main issue we had to discuss was testing (groan!). We have a small QA department and for years its been “Us and Them”. Obviously with Scrum this isn’t an option. We need to collaborate. We need them on the team. We tried but old habits die hard and we came out of the sprint with half tested code which is at least progress.

So onto the planning meeting. We started with some planning poker with an added twist that we also estimated, as separate tasks, the QA time required. Hopefully bringing the QA tasks into the teams burn down will help everyone to commit to working with QA to ensure that they get done. If we really can finish a sprint with all functionality fully tested and signed off I’m gonna be very happy.

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