Day 2 – Up the critical path

Yesterday went well with lots of progress however the team found allocating the tasks a bit tougher this morning. I only stepped in when the Product Owner uttered those dreaded words “He’s on the Critical Path”. How can this be? This is supposed to be Scrum. It seems we had all made an assumption that 2 of the overly long stories were going to be taken by one person and the 2 stories together would take the whole sprint to complete. Ouch! Can we break these stories down more? Apparently not, this is in a horribly complex area that would take too long to explain. What about pairing again? Yeah OK. As in a lot of other companies our managers get a bit nervous about extended pairing. Can two really go twice as fast as one? Courageously (!) we went for it and the 2 developers ended up getting the first story (21 points) coded by the end of the day and I’m guessing the quality and design will be twice as good as well. Pairing kicks the critical path into the history books.

Tomorrow we need to tackle testing this behemoth. The guys have done unit tests, one of them thinks its ready for QA, the other wants over a weeks testing. Hopefully we can work with our QA expert to work out how much testing we really need and ensure that it isn’t done twice by both devs and QA. This is a waste we need to tackle.

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