Day 4 – The Surgeon


From Perez on Medicine

Yesterdays burn down was more of a green run than black with a few hiccups but we are still on track. After yesterdays team love-fest I thought I’d tell you a bit more about our team and what I think makes it special. 6 months ago I left our company and went to a start-up. It turned out to be a nightmare and I returned to my old company with renewed enthusiasm. The day I restarted my replacement also started and I got him on my team! It turns out he is a far better developer than me, he has a huge depth of knowledge, amazing focus and a complete lack of ego. I think back in the days of the Mythical Man Month he would have made a great surgeon and in some ways he does work a bit like that. If there is a complex bit of design to do he will always get to work on it. But unlike the surgeon he is almost always pairing and we all get to learn from his great Wisdom! (Hope he’s not reading this) Hopefully pairing during the tough bits allows us all to develop at his level giving us the productivity of 5 surgeons. I think that explains why our man month is mythical but in a good way rather than a bad one.

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