Day 15 – Release First

Scrum is all about doing those things early that you normally leave till last. This avoids any nasty surprises when you should be releasing. We have had lots of focus on testing and CI but one of the really frustrating release delays for an ISV can be the building the install pack. So like testing for the next release I’m going to do the install pack first. OK so we won’t have the final code but if we automate that should only be a click or 2 away. Apart from allowing us to release more quickly what advantages does this give us? Firstly all the problems building the current install pack are fresh in my mind. While we build the next pack people will be using the current one so problems will be fresh in the users mind.  What are the downsides? Well the requirements for the install pack might change but at least we will have a solid base.

Everybody on the team seems to be buying into the need to automate more and more tasks. It still surprises me how much people have changed. I’m used to sitting in meetings desperately trying to convince people that scrum has a way to deal with our problems but these days I need to do this less and less. People seem to be naturally thinking in Scrum Terms. Whats next?

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