Monthly Archives: March 2008

You talk he smells

I’ve been watching Sketches of Frank Gehry. If you’ve not heard of him, Gehry is an architect who creates really radical buildings such as the titanium covered Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao above. His creative process appears to start with sketches followed by models created in cardboard that get refined and refined until he is happy. […]

A Pattern Language

Scrum has its origins in Organizational Patterns of Agile Software Development which has in turn has its origins in A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander. A Pattern Language is full of patterns about towns, buildings and construction. In the towns section one pattern really stands out to a Scrummaster and must surely have been an […]

Organizational Patterns

I wrote this in my notebook 3 weeks ago. I got home to find my wife about to go into labour. 12 hours later we had a baby girl hence I’ve been a bit busy! I’m on my way home after some spur of the moment “There’s no bugs left lets go for a drink” […]