Design & Functionality

Enterprise web applications typically favour functionality over design. Traditionally it’s functionality that wins bids particularly when the software is judged by the amount of checkboxes ticked on a tender document.

What is the cost of ignoring good design? Whilst managers may be satisfied that the chosen software can do what is needed his users may get frustrated with with time wasting user interfaces. This can make a big difference to their working lives, their health, happiness and general attitude to the organisation. The hidden cost of this moral sapping software can be vast.

Things are changing with our customers. Design seems to be making a come back. How can we satisfy the desire for design and functionality and still keep up with our competitors?

  1. By getting closer to our customer we understand how our products are used and the pain points they encounter. We can spend time improving the design of these specific areas
  2. By understanding our customer we understand what functionality is really needed, debunking many of our assumpotions. Reducing the time spent on redundant functionality gives us more time for good design
  3. Incredible new technologies such as jquery allow us to include features such as drag and drop and speed up development of more sophisticated user interfaces

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