User story for Remote Agile

So that I can live life fully
As a father
I want to work as part of a close-knit, productive team without having to commute

So that I can be inspired, motivated and see who is free to talk
As a communicator
I want to see who what everyone else is doing without having to disturb them

So that I can get feedback and generate ideas
As a collaborator
I need to be able to share my work at any stage and any time to any amount of people

So that I can give support
As a team member
I need to see who needs it

So that I can side-by-side or pair program
As a programmer
I need to be able to share screens (both simultaneously) and chat all day

So that I can see maintain flow
I need to be able to all these things unconsciously 

By using various pieces of software I can do all these except the last. Collaboration tools are often an after thought, it’s time they took centre stage

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