Monthly Archives: January 2012

How can Agile culture grow?

Since the late 19th century when Marconi started patenting other people’s ideas innovation stopped being collaborative and become competitive. The competitive culture spread top down, introducing formality and controlling methods to keep the top at the top and those at the bottom doing what they were told. In the 21st century agile teams are challenging the status quo and […]

Planning YAGN (You aint gonna need it)

A tweet from a friend who works as a project manager got me thinking about whether agile planning techniques are applicable in other contexts. We used to have project managers in software development who assumed that creating software was a predictable process, a misconception that stems from instinct rather than anything scientific, and I imagine this […]

Better collaboration and the future of Agile Development

Here’s the slides from the talk I did at Digitalks Cheltenham last night. I really enjoyed presenting and it was great to chat to people about their agile experiences afterwards. There were 2 other great talks on the night from Grahem Beale from Symantec on Usability and Andy Davies on web performance. They both really […]

Do you have a healthy relationship with your process?

Processes can be difficult mates, what type of relationship do you have with yours? Controlling No you don’t control your process it is controlling you. Devised by a power-hungry manager, designed to ensure you conform and waste your time with endless documentation, your process defines your work. The only thinking required is when you try […]