We are (or at least try to be):

Egalitarian – Because we believe hierarchy is oppressive and respect everyone’s opinions equally

Egoless – Because we have learnt the consensus of the team is the more important than the individual

Adventurous – Because we have been given (or have taken) self direction, and with the support of the team, we have the courage to  experiment with new ways of doing our work knowing that its less risky than standing still.

Craftsman – Because knowing that creating software is a craft, that we can continuously improve at, allows us to take pride in the work

Open – By being open about what we do we encourage collaboration to the benefit of the whole system

Creative – With such wondrous principles producing anything  banal is a crime

Collaborative – Because it’s the only way for the whole to be greater than it’s sum of parts

Idealistic – Because our world isn’t perfect but by being idealists we can strive to make it better

Real – Because we deliver

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