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Painting over the cracks

Painting over the cracks is denial of feedback. When we paint over the cracks we hide vital information about the reality of our situation. Good teams strive to make visible and learn from the cracks. Whilst different personality types treat cracks in different ways a balanced team will not ignore them. In traditional organisations Managers […]

Frustration drives Change – Empathy trumps Greed

<idealism><personal> I’ve always felt a frustration in my working life that I struggle to leave behind when I’m away from work. I’ve ¬†always felt the need for change. The status quo has always seemed very wrong. Scrum gave me a taste of a micro society with values that felt right. But the team still works […]

12 things you should learn for yourself

We learnt its better to learn from each other than to compete We learnt by making mistakes not playing it safe We learnt we are part of the problem and part of the answer We learnt to engage with others who were part of the problem and part of the answer We learnt we are […]

Discussing the Undiscussable – Notes and Quotes

“Discussing the Undiscussable: A Guide to Overcoming Defensive Routines in the Workplace” by William R. Noonan is one of those books that can set you down a new path in life. It’s not a new book but is the first one recommended on Benjamin Mitchells blog for those wanting to read about the work of […]

It’s the horrible truth, our only hope is to demonstrate more effective ways of working, at worst they will try to screw them up at best they might actually see the light.