Frustration drives Change – Empathy trumps Greed


I’ve always felt a frustration in my working life that I struggle to leave behind when I’m away from work. I’ve  always felt the need for change. The status quo has always seemed very wrong.

Scrum gave me a taste of a micro society with values that felt right. But the team still works in an environment that feels wrong to me. So buoyed by a small success I now look to the next challenge to help create a business run with the same values.

There are many who have learn’t to accept the status quo, and there are a few trying to change it, plenty of us will get it wrong but perhaps eventually together as a community we can at least demonstrate that empathy trumps greed, collaboration trumps solitude, equality trumps hierarchy, purpose trumps roles and openness trumps fear.

I have long since the accepted that the world is slow to change for the better, although things can often take huge leaps backwards the overall trend will hopefully be towards improvement. To achieve real meaning in my life I need to help build/change organisations with these values (not just be part of them) whilst still doing the best I can for my family.

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