Monthly Archives: May 2012

Survey: How much do/should developers collaborate with people outside the team?

I believe this is the biggest issue in software development at the moment and perhaps one where there is the biggest disconnect between what we think we should be doing and what we are able to do. But maybe it’s just me. So I’ve created a survey that it would be fantastic if you ¬†could […]

Guerrilla Collaboration

The toughest thing about becoming an agile team is setting yourself free from the development bubble. To be effective we need to collaborate with the people in the value chain that in a hierarchical structure you probably don’t normally meet. Guerrilla Collaboration is really simple. Guerrilla collaboration is when we ignore the official organisational channels […]

Dissolving the cracks with purpose

In my last post I discussed the common practice of painting over the cracks in the way we work. If we are not going to hide our problems then what are we going to do about them? The most common and obvious approach is to try and solve the problem, this might involve repairing the […]