Guerrilla Collaboration

The toughest thing about becoming an agile team is setting yourself free from the development bubble. To be effective we need to collaborate with the people in the value chain that in a hierarchical structure you probably don’t normally meet.

Guerrilla Collaboration is really simple. Guerrilla collaboration is when we ignore the official organisational channels and established links of communication and start collaborating directly with the people who really matter. By doing this we can overcome dysfunctional politics and hierarchy.

The rules of Guerrilla Collaboration are:

  1.      There are no rules, this is Guerrilla!

but one approach might be:

  1. Ask first, don’t wait, just do it – While managers may agree that more collaboration between departments is a good they may not act. Don’t wait, they didn’t object, time to get started
  2. Approach the people you don’t normally collaborate with in the value chain (sales, client services, marketing etc) and ask how you can be of help? If you haven’t got time to do this you might want to find some ways to create some slack in your process (Kanban).
  3. Give help by pairing with these people – let the mutual learning flow

And that’s it. The seeds are sown. Demonstrating beats telling. You can work effectively without permission or the need for forgiveness.

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