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¬†We live in a world where we are already expected to know, where competence is assumed, but competence disappeared with craftsmanship to be replaced by production lines. Hierarchical management dug the nail in the coffin as the goal became moving up to the next job rather than getting good at the one you’re in. Agile […]

How can we become comfortable with change?

The survival of our organisations depend on the ability of the people within them to continuously adapt. The ability to adapt is becoming ever more crucial in an increasingly disrupted environment. Like evolution, adaption can happen through a big leap as well as small regular changes. Kanban, Scrum and the thinking behind them (Systems Thinking, […]

Meetings: Win-Win or Win-Lose?

Imagine if you left a meeting¬†thinking: Wow the solution was so much simpler than I thought There was so much more to that requirement than I appreciated I’ve really gained respect for x, his ideas contributed to a great solution I see know that my idea wasn’t perfect, together we found a solution that we […]