Monthly Archives: March 2013

We can’t go on living this way

For years I’ve assumed that when Agile principles succeeded at a team level they would naturally spread to other teams in the organisation until eventually the whole organisation would embrace openness and failing fast. I’ve naively been surprised when this doesn’t happen. I’ve probably been a bit slow, or perhaps my bias for optimism has lead […]

Kanban Questioning

Moving beyond the Visualise part of the Kanban Method and beginning the process of collaboratively improving the system with policies that enable you to work more effectively can be challenging. When you begin with your existing value stream you also begin with existing assumptions. Challenging deep-rooted assumptions about the way we work may be met […]

Jim and Jo go pairing

Jim has 15 years experience Jo has 2, they are pair programming but neither are very happy. Jim is frustrated with having to explain himself, he is impatient to get the job done. It degenerates into Jim dictating code to Jo. Jo is disheartened and wonders if how he will ever learn to “keep up”. Whilst Jim […]