Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 20.35.23We underestimate how difficult it can be to express our ideas clearly through writing and how easy it is to misinterpret those ideas when reading them. For a small Easter project I’ve been experimenting with an alternative way of expressing my ideas, and after 3 late nights hacking away at javascript I’ve come up with Rings.

Rings is an experiment in expressing ideas in a more interactive way. It requires the reader to experiment with the ideas and if you are brave enough to look at the code to improve them. My initial experiment  models how, I believe,  behaviours effect our ability to learn as an organisation. Ultimately its some very imprecise ideas expressed in the precise medium of code, but if you want to help improve those ideas you can fork the code on Github (It has an Apache 2.0 licence).

You can download the html page from Github and run locally in your browser or run it directly on Github here. When it initially loads you will see various behaviours effecting the organisations learning ability. You can improve these causes by clicking on them. To make them worse shift-click on them and observe the effects.

All experiments need feedback, please let me know what you think

[Update] Now supports touch interfaces using 1 or 2 finger touches

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