Monthly Archives: May 2013

These moments are precious

The moments when excitement builds throughout the whole team at the delight of discovery and creativity are precious. These moments feel like play rather than work and they breed openness and courage. So what conditions must exist for these moments to happen? Here’s some ideas A shared competence – The feeling that the team has […]

Assumption: Fear causes us to build the wrong thing

The classic tale of a year-long project finally being delivered only to discover it doesn’t meet the needs of the customer sounds ridiculous in the days of short iterations and customer collaboration but I’m guessing we are still a long way from delivering what’s really needed effectively. So what’s stopping us? Is it the fear […]

Assumption: Continous Delivery of Software reduces its cost by 5 times

For me the most fundamental principle in Agile Development is to reduce feedback time in everything you do. This helps us do the right thing more often and waste less time doing the wrong thing. It’s not just the feedback time that matters,┬áit’s the quality of that feedback and when it comes to building the […]

Assumptions were made for testing

Here’s another extract from my book-in-progress “The Programmers Guide To People”, the first few chapters should be available at the end of May on LeanPub. You can sign up to be notified when it is here The Oxford Dictionary defines an assumption as: “a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, […]