The Blamer

I have a long list of people I like to blame for the dysfunction I see in organisations. I blame Managers, Directors, CEO’s, Testers, Salesmen, Recruiters, Architects, IT Engineers, Customers, Business Analyst, Help Desk, HR, Finance, Consultants and Coaches. I blame those with more experience and those just starting. I blame the courageous and the scared. I blame my friends, my foes and my family. I blame those I understand and those I don’t. I am expert in everyone else’s problems.

I blame others and they blame me. The more difficult the problem, the more I need the help of others, the more I blame others and push them away. I fear the problem becoming mine. I can’t fix the problem alone, I might get it wrong. If I look closer at the problem it might be bigger than I thought. The problem might turn out to be down to something I did. Others might blame me. I might look incompetent. I might be embarrassed. I might lose my job.

I blame others to protect myself. I blame others so I don’t have to think. I am the blamer and the blamed. I live in fear.

One comment

  1. Deep. Courageous. In light of the Twitter conversation we just had, it is interesting to experience how powerful “I” is. (Well, at least that was its effect on me.) I’m expert in other people’s problems, too. And that’s a bit of a problem: I often feel I ought to solve them…even when this isn’t welcome and I haven’t been asked to. Sheer arrogance on my part, I’m afraid. And fear. Feels funny writing that because obviously I’m not afraid. Maybe of hungry lions and grumpy rhinos, but surely not of problems at work. And then there’s the chance that I’m not actually expert in other people’s problems. But I work as a consultant, so this is surely only a theoretical chance.

    I’m off to think about my fear and my expertise in other people’s problems, and I’ll check my sarcasm at the door.

    Thank you for putting this and yourself out there.

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