Five minutes for Love

How do you start your day? With a command, a question, with frustration or fear? At the risk of going a bit hippy how about love?

Everyday, before our standup we spend 5 min chatting. Over many years this time has become special, I’m reluctant to miss it. Its our time to rebond. We talk sport, cooking, babies and wherever else our evenings/nights took us. But this isn’t any old chat, people really listen, there is compassion and dare I say it, there is unspoken love. Even if we arrive to find a dozen broken builds it’s discussed in a nonviolant compassionate way.

When the day starts with some love it lingers all day. When things get difficult its dealt with compassion rather than blame.

Writing about love at works feels taboo. 8 hours a day without love leaves us cold and closed, we need openess and freedom to express our ideas without judgement.

We need love at work.


  1. Here here. The world needs a bit more friendship, understanding, empathy and love.

  2. Having space for team members to interact and learn about each other more than who is writing what chunk of code or who is running which test can only pay dividends in greater trust. This is something we all ought to weave into how we work.

  3. Tobias · · Reply

    I like this. I tried it once with a team, many years ago when I was starting out in Scrum. It was awkward, and eventually I gave up on it—although some of us found value in it. Today I may find ways to introduce it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. […] a fresh look at yesterdays work in progress, before we all join the virtual standup around 9:25. 5 minutes for sharing stories about the night before, then down to business. I share a screen and we work […]

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