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The Connections that Bind Us All

Joan sits on the bus, her scarf wrapped tightly around her hair. She jumps when a young man next to her fumbles to withdraw his vibrating phone. She yearns for a time when her fear would be tinged with excitement at the possibilities of connection. John sits at his desk, his headphones blocking out the […]

A New Frame

Originally posted on Think Different:
A New Frame For more than half a century, the software industry has been trying to find methods to increase the likelihood of successful software development. From Flowcharting in the 1960s, through to Agile methods today, the industry has gone through dozens of different approaches. And found them all wanting.…

The shame of asking

I’d ask them what they need, but they already told me once, I should  know. So I try to imagine what they need and make an assumption. My assumption is a guess. I feel vulnerable and strengthen my defences I could show them what I’ve done and confirm my assumption, but it’s  not all there […]

Out of the rabbit hole and into the fear

Agile is openness and collaboration, it takes courage and vulnerability and that scares people and we should be mindful of that. My post “The Shame of Pair Programming” is attracting a lot more attention than I’m used to. The comments range from “I feel that too” to comments that I could summarise as, “we just […]