The shame of asking

I’d ask them what they need, but they already told me once, I should  know. So I try to imagine what they need and make an assumption. My assumption is a guess. I feel vulnerable and strengthen my defences

I could show them what I’ve done and confirm my assumption, but it’s  not all there and what if I’m wrong? I carry on with the suspicion that  I’m wasting my time. I feel more vulnerable and strengthen my defences

I’d add a test to check my logic, but I’m running short of time. I hope for the best,  become more vulnerable and strengthen my defences

I’d ask for help but my defences dictate I should already know. I work late, feeling tired and vulnerable and look for a way out.

The customer comes. We use it together. She appreciates it. There are bugs, there are bits missing, some of it is useless. We share ideas. The connection is made, we meet again. I return to the code, encouraged by its possibilities.

One comment

  1. Beautifully written!

    How about another one,

    I’m being asked to help, I’d say no, but I don’t want to seem too rude,
    hey, this is actually quite fun, maybe I am not as stupid as I thought, I may ask for help as well, maybe if I see I don’t advance fast enough by the end of the day…

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