My 2013

What did I do with myself?

I wrote a book, the Programmers Guide To People, self-published and retired it because it’s soon to be republished by Dymaxicon.
I published 36 blog posts exploring the fear and courage of programmers.
I setup and ran 11 Cheltenham Geek Nights, we now have 200 members, had some amazing speakers and beautiful discussions.
I ran my Us and Them  workshop at Bath Scrum User Group and Scrum Gathering Paris. I loved peoples reactions.
I spoke at Lean Kanban UK about continuous improvement (video below) and loved the conversations.
I spent my 13th year with the amazing team at Biomni
I met people in the flesh that I’d only previously flirted with on twitter
I started experimenting with LeanTomato

And to 2014

Right now my focus is on the idea that you can develop software just as collaboratively, working remotely as you can in an office. People see remote work as a compromise and I went to help change that; it can be a more effective and healthier way to work. I’ll be blogging about it on If I succeed it may be time to flee the Biomni nest and go freelance.

Happy New Year!


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