Tipping Point

On the left meet Power – fighting to get to the top, competitive, hierarchical, insecure, invulnerable, defensive, threatened, fearful, closed, siloed, suspicious, conservative.

To the right is Learning – creative, collaborative, open, vulnerable, trusting, questioning, listening, risk taking, growing, continually improving.

Where do you sit on this scale?
Where would you like to be on this scale?
Where could you be?
How might you get there?

Where is your organisation on this scale?
Where do you think they should be?
Where do you think they could be?
How might they get there?

Sit the people you work with on the scales
What can you learn from those on your right?
How can you influence those on your left?

And what might happen if your influence spreads and grows and evolves?
Would you continue to learn?
Or would you shuffle left and defend the power you’ve had over others?

Now you can forgive the leaders who defend their ideas.

And continue to shift right and share what you learn.

And as you move others, and others move more, you may find a tipping point.


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