Who do you code for?

Do you code for yourself?

Do you do it for the love of creating or the satisfaction of crafting something elegant? Do you do it for the discovery? Do you do it for the money, for the family you’re raising or the house you’re building?

Do you code for your team?

Do you share a common purpose and enjoy the camaraderie of building something together? Do you do it for what you might learn from each other?

Do you code for your manager?

Do you do it because you’re told to? For career progression? Do you do it out of fear?

Do you code for the customer?

Will your code bring your customers success? Will it win you more customers and grow your business? Do you have that entrepreneurial spirit?

Do you code for a user?

Does your code make someones life better. Does it remove the mundane and inspire change. Does it fascinate and immerse. Does it help people learn or create?

Who do you code for?

One comment

  1. I code because i love to create something useful.

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