The Vulnerable considered options The Invulnerable made a plan The Vulnerable experimented The Invulnerable stuck to the plan The Vulnerable were open The Invulnerable were defensive The Vulnerable collaborated The Invulnerable segmented The Vulnerable listened The Invulnerable assumed The Vulnerable learnt The Invulnerable blamed The Vulnerable grew The Invulnerable feared

Become a manager Keep your resources productive Inspire them to be as good as you were, by doing what you did Lose touch, feel vulnerable as the team learns faster than you Become resented, grow defensive   Become a manager Build trust Share a purpose Attend to folks’ needs Learn with the team, grow

Although I despised it at the time, I’m glad I was managed at school. You dangled carrots to keep me working and waved sticks when I strayed too far. You kept me on a safe track. I’m grateful that you stopped. The purpose we share provides the drive now. The safe track is too worn. […]

When I was younger I thought becoming a Manager would be great because I would have all these “resources” to guide, direct, even bend to my will. With this incredible power I could do things right and the world would be a better place. Luckily I was never made a manager. And in the mean […]

Joan sits on the bus, her scarf wrapped tightly around her hair. She jumps when a young man next to her fumbles to withdraw his vibrating phone. She yearns for a time when her fear would be tinged with excitement at the possibilities of connection. John sits at his desk, his headphones blocking out the […]

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A New Frame For more than half a century, the software industry has been trying to find methods to increase the likelihood of successful software development. From Flowcharting in the 1960s, through to Agile methods today, the industry has gone through dozens of different approaches. And found them all wanting.…

I’d ask them what they need, but they already told me once, I should  know. So I try to imagine what they need and make an assumption. My assumption is a guess. I feel vulnerable and strengthen my defences I could show them what I’ve done and confirm my assumption, but it’s  not all there […]

Agile is openness and collaboration, it takes courage and vulnerability and that scares people and we should be mindful of that. My post “The Shame of Pair Programming” is attracting a lot more attention than I’m used to. The comments range from “I feel that too” to comments that I could summarise as, “we just […]

When I tell people that most of my team pair most of the time, and that it’s not mandated, they nod and say “Yes but I don’t think my developers would be happy doing that.” But that’s as far as we go. Why are people reluctant to pair? To pair requires vulnerability. It means sharing […]

I love this workshop. Yesterday I ran it at Scrum Gathering Paris and it seemed to work beautifully again. There were some great ideas about how we can start to overcome Us and Them. My favourite suggestion came from one guy in the bar afterwards (sorry I didn’t catch your name) who said, “The most […]