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Better collaboration and the future of Agile Development

Here’s the slides from the talk I did at Digitalks Cheltenham last night. I really enjoyed presenting and it was great to chat to people about their agile experiences afterwards. There were 2 other great talks on the night from Grahem Beale from Symantec on Usability and Andy Davies on web performance. They both really […]

A Retrospective to discuss Developer and Tester collaboration

In the past our developers and dedicated testers have worked fairly independently. I think this behaviour originates from a time when they were different teams with their own managers. Once a story has been completed by a pair of developers it is passed to QA for testing who use a mixture of scripted and exploratory testing. Introducing […]

Interdepartmental Collaboration

So collaboration within our dev team has bought us less waste, smarter developers and more fun. But what about outside our dev team? Isn’t there an opportunity for these benefits to spread? Requests for help outside our day-to-day development usually come via email. Now I’m not a big fan of emails. I sit and stare at them […]

What is sprint planning really for?

Planning is something you think you’ll move away from when you start Scrum, but there is no escape, you still have to do it, its just less painful and more accurate. But what do we really get out of it? Estimates: By estimating in points and applying a velocity we can get a reasonably accurate […]