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It’s not about the process

I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable with “process”; even more with inflicting it on others. Process is a pre-defined way of doing something; I like to change my mind as I learn more. Our team started with nothing: we were just told what to do, we transformed with Scrum and improved with Kanban. With these […]

The best tools to calculate WIP limits are your eyes and ears

We have a team of 7 developers. We normally work in pairs and we generally have 3 stories on the go at any one time. The 7th dev, picks up any bugs or chores that come through, happily there aren’t always any. Yesterday as the 7th dev I tried picking up a 4th story myself. […]

Kanban Questioning

Moving beyond the Visualise part of the Kanban Method and beginning the process of collaboratively improving the system with policies that enable you to work more effectively can be challenging. When you begin with your existing value stream you also begin with existing assumptions. Challenging deep-rooted assumptions about the way we work may be met […]

Do you have a healthy relationship with your process?

Processes can be difficult mates, what type of relationship do you have with yours? Controlling No you don’t control your process it is controlling you. Devised by a power-hungry manager, designed to ensure you conform and waste your time with endless documentation, your process defines your work. The only thinking required is when you try […]

A Retrospective to discuss Developer and Tester collaboration

In the past our developers and dedicated testers have worked fairly independently. I think this behaviour originates from a time when they were different teams with their own managers. Once a story has been completed by a pair of developers it is passed to QA for testing who use a mixture of scripted and exploratory testing. Introducing […]

Interdepartmental Collaboration

So collaboration within our dev team has bought us less waste, smarter developers and more fun. But what about outside our dev team? Isn’t there an opportunity for these benefits to spread? Requests for help outside our day-to-day development usually come via email. Now I’m not a big fan of emails. I sit and stare at them […]

An evolutionary approach to implementing XP

I was rightly pulled up by David Anderson, author of the authoritative “KANBAN, Successful Evolutionary Change For Your Technology Business” for the following tweet #Scrum and #Kanban are just 2 of many seeds for self organisation and continuous improvement. If you feed them with #XP they'll flourish — Tom Howlett (@diaryofscrum) November 14, 2011 His point was […]

Avoiding technical debt from bugs – From Scrum to Kanban

One of the challenges of Scrum is being really done when you think you are done. At the end of the sprint our testers often haven’t had the chance to fully test all the stories. Once we are on the next sprint it is disruptive to go back to older stories and fix the bugs, […]