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From Agile Team to Lean Company

I keep meeting development teams frustrated by the hierarchical organisation around them. Some realise their predicament, others blame. There’s nothing they can do about it alone; generations of hierarchies have developed a strong sense of self preservation. But when there’s a will to change, that goes deep, wide and high enough, we have an opportunity. What can […]

Day 10 – Where are we?

As far as the sprint goes the burn-down is pretty flat. We are plagued by constant testing churn and the all too regular discovery of new problems. We are discovering more because we are testing more. I just wish we could have tested earlier. Oh well the next sprint is only ever days away. As […]

Day 6 – Ditch the Debugger

Like a fool I missed the obvious. Most of my day and some of the teams was spent trying to get to the bottom of a “Item not found in Dictionary” error on my install test site. During development I would have just attached a debugger and quickly discovered that the item wasn’t in the […]