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Refactoring a Developer

Encapsulate Collection – Become part of a supportive team who inspire, celebrate and learn together Collapse Hierarchy – Build relationships inside and outside the team, share your passions with all Remove Middle Man  – Go direct to your customer, understand their needs, loves, frustrations Extract Method – When valuable patterns evolve encapsulate and name them for all to share Replace Magic Number with […]

People Not Resources

When I was younger I thought becoming a Manager would be great because I would have all these “resources” to guide, direct, even bend to my will. With this incredible power I could do things right and the world would be a better place. Luckily I was never made a manager. And in the mean […]

Can we really not meet?

If we carry on like this, the ship will sail. The buzz I get from building good software feels hollow unless I can see, first hand, the need for it. I’ve never met that person who without it is frustrated, unable to compete, unable to help others. Does she exist? That buzz I get from […]