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From Agile Team to Lean Company

I keep meeting development teams frustrated by the hierarchical organisation around them. Some realise their predicament, others blame. There’s nothing they can do about it alone; generations of hierarchies have developed a strong sense of self preservation. But when there’s a will to change, that goes deep, wide and high enough, we have an opportunity. What can […]

The Unmanaged

Although I despised it at the time, I’m glad I was managed at school. You dangled carrots to keep me working and waved sticks when I strayed too far. You kept me on a safe track. I’m grateful that you stopped. The purpose we share provides the drive now. The safe track is too worn. […]

Dissolving the cracks with purpose

In my last post I discussed the common practice of painting over the cracks in the way we work. If we are not going to hide our problems then what are we going to do about them? The most common and obvious approach is to try and solve the problem, this might involve repairing the […]

Frustration drives Change – Empathy trumps Greed

<idealism><personal> I’ve always felt a frustration in my working life that I struggle to leave behind when I’m away from work. I’ve  always felt the need for change. The status quo has always seemed very wrong. Scrum gave me a taste of a micro society with values that felt right. But the team still works […]