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Refactoring a Developer

Encapsulate Collection – Become part of a supportive team who inspire, celebrate and learn together Collapse Hierarchy – Build relationships inside and outside the team, share your passions with all Remove Middle Man  – Go direct to your customer, understand their needs, loves, frustrations Extract Method – When valuable patterns evolve encapsulate and name them for all to share Replace Magic Number with […]

When should we fix bugs?

What do you do when you find a bug? Tackle it now or lock it away. Does it matter? Many will argue the benefits of choosing the right time to fix it, but does it really add up? Could delay be a little too convenient? In most cases we: Discover it – either ourselves or […]

What are you to me? – Developer’s relationship with the business

Software projects fail because many current business models are at odds with the way we developers build software. Businesses who like to command and control or encourage internal competitiveness will fail at producing software which requires permission to fail, collaboration and freedom to innovate. For a development team to produce great software they must combine the […]