How can we become comfortable with change?

The survival of our organisations depend on the ability of the people within them to continuously adapt. The ability to adapt is becoming ever more crucial in an increasingly disrupted environment. Like evolution, adaption can happen through a big leap as well as small regular changes. Kanban, Scrum and the thinking behind them (Systems Thinking, Theory of constraints and Complexity Science) focus our attention on continually adapting in an unstable environment. For organisations to succeed we need to see this mindset throughout the whole organisation. Whilst some people crave change others vehemently resist and protest. How can we become comfortable with change?


First we’ve go to want the change, this generally comes through the pain of our existing principles and practices combined with exposure to alternatives. Peers, Books, blogs and social media provide endless inspiration.


Even when somebody says they want to change they need courage to do to it, our natural fear is hard to overcome. We have more courage in supportive teams, create a supportive team that is willing to experiment first.

Deep understanding

Whilst we may say we believe in change our existing assumptions will keep getting in the way. To remove them you need to go deep, Socratic questioning can take you there.


It’s all to easy to slip back to our old habits, but if all the team retain their Desire, Courage and Understanding it will continue.

It’s useless just changing yourself if everyone around you just stands still. Many individuals don’t have the courage to change, but once healthy teams develop and you can avoid outside interference a focus on continual improvement  can become the norm.


  1. Great post Tom, the desire aspect is a hard one to engender often. People confirmation bias lends itself to resisting change. Finding the right trigger for desire means changing their experiences and then their beliefs.

    1. Thanks for the comment mate. Can you help me understand how you might “change their experiences”? 😉

  2. I’m a big fan of learning games.. So I might try to create a metaphorical game of some kind to see if that helps. If not I’ll try to seek agreement to experiement with a new idea or concept, but have them own it.

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