Monthly Archives: June 2011


At Biomni between releases we have interim periods. We forget about the business and detox our code, replacing tired bits, removing redundant tables, upgrading to latest versions. It’s incredibly cathartic, we mix in a couple of study days to help us keep up to date. We run it like a sprint minus any expectations on […]


Pairing should be a given. Even before you take into account the time spent fixing defects produced by lone wolfs, very few programmers (who don’t have too big an ego to do it) will fail to be twice as productive with a pair. Once you add the knowledge sharing and mix in a bit of […]

I’m Back

Well its 3 years since the heady days of my last post. Things have matured, dare I say settled, a few developers left but the true believers remain, joined by some great new recruits. As a Scrummaster I arrange the various meetings but to be honest there appears to be very little to do. Defects […]