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The best tools to calculate WIP limits are your eyes and ears

We have a team of 7 developers. We normally work in pairs and we generally have 3 stories on the go at any one time. The 7th dev, picks up any bugs or chores that come through, happily there aren’t always any. Yesterday as the 7th dev I tried picking up a 4th story myself. […]


The purpose of a Silo is to protect the contents from being disturbed or damaged from  external foreign bodies. Creating a Silo is reasonable if you are the farmer protecting your grain from insects but surely they are not necessary in an organisation where we should be supporting each other? Unfortunately working culture can be […]


We underestimate how difficult it can be to express our ideas clearly through writing and how easy it is to misinterpret those ideas when reading them. For a small Easter project I’ve been experimenting with an alternative way of expressing my ideas, and after 3 late nights hacking away at javascript I’ve come up with Rings. Rings […]