Could we really be so wrong?

I see us frustrated when we aren’t given the time to do the right thing. Hierarchy leaves us vulnerable to pressure. Encouraged to take short-cuts, we’re nervous and tense.

Those unwilling to cave to the pressure learn their craft. Creating code that’s solid, elegant, creative, not reactive. Fulfilling for the craftsman, but the result is hollow, when the care put in is misunderstood as waste.

Economics can quantify the value of quality and expose the cost of waste of endless rework that rushed code brings. Yet without a shared understanding the pressure to take shortcuts remains.

When we can’t communicate the value of what we do, we hide the truth, for fear of how it may be interpreted. The tension between us kills openness, honesty and collaboration, replacing them with frustration.

Separation builds a class system between business and technical people. Unappreciated, we lose. Can this gap closed, the technical glass ceiling smashed?

Could we speak the same language? The language of economics, of value and cost, leading to profit and loss, and options.

I hear developers talking of Right and Wrong. What would happen if we got better at describing Cost and Value?

One comment

  1. Tom, How true!

    Similar scenes are played out in e-learning too. Here too production is rushed for fear of cost, here too is the difficulty of communicating the value, here too is the pressure to take shortcuts. So much so that shortcuts are now developing into ‘new’ methods of production and the learner suffers.

    Here too separation builds a class system between client, learner and instructional designer.

    When the true cost is hidden, the value can easily be justified.

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