Day 1 – Points mean prizes

First things first we forgot to prioritise the stories yesterday, at the time it didn’t matter as the whole backlog fitted nicely into a 3 week sprint (Current velocity is 25 points per person per week), but it is important today as we decide which tasks to take on first. A quick text to the Product Owner had the problem solved by the time my late train got me into the office just in time for that scheduled daily scrum!

I generally have ideas who will be best for each task but this time I’m determined that I shouldn’t interfere with the teams self organising so I started the scrum by asking “what should we tackle first then?”. Within a few seconds everyone has assigned themselves the top priority tasks and we’re off! One developer who has a lot of experience in our most challenging area asks to pair with out newest superstar developer to see if he can help with the areas architecture. Another developer heads for a task where he knows he can knock a lot of points quickly. He knows that points mean prizes! It feels good.

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