The Unmanaged

Although I despised it at the time, I’m glad I was managed at school. You dangled carrots to keep me working and waved sticks when I strayed too far. You kept me on a safe track.

I’m grateful that you stopped. The purpose we share provides the drive now. The safe track is too worn. You employ me to find new paths.

When I chase the carrot I lose that purpose. Blinkered I miss opportunities, pushing others aside, striving for the first bite.

When you wave your stick I’m too fearful to explore. I sprint away, taking any shortcut I see. I ignore problems, leaving trouble in my wake.

We’ve found our way without you. We share the burden and find joy in our collective discoveries. We take time out to talk and share stories that inspire us. We spread the cognitive load by supporting each other. It gives us courage to rebel.

So what can you do? We are open, so you can contribute too. Leave your carrots and sticks behind. Join the Unmanaged.

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